> August 24th, Via Claudia Augusta Archaeological Exghibition, curated by Enrico Pedri, 2011>                                                         > March 17th, Albrecht Dürer: New Discoveries, curated by Enrico Pedri,2011                                                                                   > February 26th, Metal From the North, Concert with B Painfull, Embryonic Jam, Hungerstrike and Black Thongues, curated by David Tomasi, 2010                                                                                                                                                                               > november 17th, "To sWear meeting", curated by Alessia Carli, 2009                                                                                                 > october 3rd 5° Giornata del Contemporaneo AMACI, "To sWear", exhibition curated by Alessia Carli, 2009
> may 16th International Archeological Meeting, Via Claudia Augusta - CRAM, Mezzocorona, Italy, 2009
> april 18th-19th, 753 BC: Birth of Rome Anniversary, Rome, Italy, 2009
> march 27th, Roman Archeology Gathering, Mezzolombardo, Italy, 2009
> march Presentation of LILA International Culture and Art Magazine, Mezzocorona, Italy - Vienna, Austria, 2009
> october 4th 4° Giornata Nazionale del Contemporaneo AMACI, Michela Pedron: PPP – PinkPoisPersonale, 2008
> august 31st AltraRete @ Manifesta 7, exhibition and conference, 2008
> august 16th Official Opening of the new Via Claudia Augusta Head Office, produced by the Superintendence of Archeological Heritage of the Provinces Bolzano and Trento, Giontech Archeological Site, Mezzocorona/Kronmetz (Tn), 2008
> august 8th-9th 'I'm so free', exhibition + performance, curated by AltraRete @ Manifesta7, Werkbank, Lana (Bz), 2008
> july 19th - november 2nd Manifesta 7, 2008 
> march 14th 'JustMarried III', exhibition+live performance, curated by David Tomasi and Alex Mastini, TECA/Girondini Arte Contemporanea, Verona, 2008
> march 10th Press Conference: Official MART Video, produced by CRAM & Latocreativo, MART Conference Hall, Rovereto (Tn), 10.30 am, 2008
> march 1st "Davide Filippi", a new book by Dr. Paolo Dalla Torre, produced by Comune di Faedo, CRAM, Accademia di Belle Arti Cignaroli, Trento, Italy, 2008
> february 20th Babelgum Film Festival, introducing official MART video produced by by CRAM & Latocreativo, curated by Spike Lee, 2008
> february 15th 'Manifesta 7 meeting: AltraRete', CRAM, 2008
> january 25th 'Just-married II', exhibition+live performance, curated by David Tomasi, with Alessia Carli, Jessica Gagliardi, Alex Mastini Sarah Mutinelli, Erik Righetti, Alexander Robotnick, Francesco Ronzon, Matteo De Stefano, David Tomasi, Vj Hash, Daniela Webber, Elisa Zeni, Zstone, TECA/Girondini Arte Contemporanea, Verona, 2008                                                                   > november 29th & 30th CRAM on TV, TCA, 2007
> october 19th Giovani Idee per cambiare l'Italia, curated by Flavia Fossa Margutti and David Tomasi, a teamwork by CRAM-MART-GAI, Rovereto (Tn), 2007 
> october 6th - november 6th MYST - mystic and mystery of a photographic collection, curated by Mauro Fiorese and David Tomasi, catalogue CRAMtemporanea_Photographia, 2007 
> october 6th Giornata del Contemporaneo AMACI, Image curated by Maurizio Cattelan, 2007
> september 22nd Via Claudia Augusta: Viaggio di Confine, by David Tomasi, Teatro Cristallo, Bozen/Bolzano, 2007
> august 31st - september 1st&2nd Il problema della sensibilità, curated by David Tomasi, 2007 
> may 5th Official CRAM Opening: Trentino_Palazzi Aperti, 2007


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